What is There To Hide?

Is there or is there not the secrets of our ever growing concern on our global warming. What is to motive behind the keeping of global warming data? Political connected? read more here….


Healthy Lifestyles By Alfred Chew

Alfred Chew refers a health and wealth blog on his http://www.fi-fo.blogspot.com 

Found Another Source Of Green Energy?

 Initially it was the Water energy. Then Solar and Wind energy. Now…….

Researchers at the University of Kalmar in Sweden has found a bacteria in our ocean to absorb the sunlight. It acts like the chlorophyll which transform sunlight into energy by a process called photosynthesis. Continue here and here

Want To Know More About Our Earth?

I am always fascinated about our earth, solar system and the construction of our universe.

Figures are so huge. Unbelievable!!

Some of the amazing fact about our earth can be found here….

El Nino Effect May Bring A Hotter 2007

The World’s climate may reach a record high again in 2007!

The effect of El Nino which has brought disaster in the year 1998 has again made a comeback this year. According to the Britain Meteorological Department, the sign has emerged since the average temperature of Pacific Ocean became warmer.

The effects will bring catastrophic weather change to most part of the world. Floods, drought, meltdown of Polar Ice, Irregular season, corals bleaching and etc….. continue here….

During the last El Nino in 1998, there were huge losses to crops. Some parts of the world were faced bad harvest and lead to food shortages. Learn more on the losses….

Domestic Robotic Help Is Nothing New But….

Bill Gates is re-looking into this field again.

The featured robotic is not a new idea at all. Honda has been in the industry but the progress has not been significant.

But when the Microsoft’s pioneer suggest the possibility this time, the perspective is different. Look what he has to say….

Hitch Hiking On An Asteroid?

NASA is on an ambitious plan to plant astronauts on Asteroids.

This is an arduous task considering the speed of an average asteroid is close to 1/10 the speed of light (38,000km/second or 136,8000,000km/hr) Nothing is impossible but this is something to look for in the future. Continue here….