Run Flat Tire?

There seems to be another kind of run flat tire being developed for army use. How well it perform is still a guarded secret.

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Sharing Of Space Research?

Haven’t the NGOs’ thought of proposing to the Space Development Nations to share non arm research on space programs to reduce resources?

 It may sound very naive but just to wonder how much environmental damage it could save if the is a 10% sharing of rocket launches?

In fact some of the researches could be sold for a profit to another country space program. After all it is just another business.

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Global Warming Is Soon To Be Man Made Natural Disaster

There is no denial about the rate of our Warm Climatic change.

I could feel the change even within the last 30 years. I remember back then the climate was much predictable. Less frequent of heatwave when I was a childhood. But sad to say, it has changed dramatically during the last 2 decades.

I find it intolerable. I live in the tropics, in Malaysia. We never experience major storm back then. We never faced draught too. But this is not unusual for now. Why?

An Accountable Head injury May Be Due To Unadjusted Head Rest

This is the study conducted by an assistant professor of neurosurgery suggested that the head rest in your car may hold the key to better safety.

Like what we have seen on the recent years of Formula 1. The organizer has added many safety features in the sports and one of them is the head restraint. It work some what like a safety catch to hold on the position of our head when there is a collision in place. During that course, they have multipoint safety seat belt to restraint the body torso. And the helmet will be held by the restraint belt.

We do not have wear helmet in normal driving but at least the head rest must be place in the right position to absorb the impact when a collision occur. Continue here..

Can We Live Without Carbon Dioxide?

I have been trying to figure out the consequences of without CO2. Amazingly I came to discover this informative video from Live Science.

Then I am astonished by the former Former Vice President Al Gore, on his active role on the fate of this world. What a good move..

Good Profit is Never Enough!

Lately the price of fuel have skyrocketed through the roof.

What we pay for to go from Point A to Point B has double or triple for some countries in the last 2 years. We can’t control it. Neither the Biggest Economy in the World.

The funny thing is that the greatest profiter right now is sucking the blood of the person who is at mercy. What a shame?

‘Hot Fuel’ is the much talk about for vehicles owner. Continue here..

Putting ‘Extra’ Electricity To Top Up Car Power

There is this talk of using the ‘Extra’ Electricity to charge Electric Car during the night when the electricity usage is at the minimum. This is actually another boost to the already much talk about Green Technology.

What  else is there to do when you can kill 2 birds with 1 stone? Read more here..